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R720 Not Discovering ZD1200 Over L2

New Contributor III
R720 isn't discovering our ZD1200 over L2. Not much else to describe. Not even seeing any traffic logs of it even attempting to talk to the ZD1200.

All I've done on the ZD1200 is set it up with an IP, DNS, and NTP settings.

I see the R720 talking with our DNS and some outside IPs, but nothing else. So I thought maybe we needed a DNS record, so I added a Still nothing.

The R720 is pulling an IP. I can access its management page. I could set up everything manually, but I'd rather not.

What am I missing?


Valued Contributor II
whats the software version on the AP & controller?
i suspect that software version on the AP is not compatible to communicate with controller...

ZD1200 - build 133
R720 -

But why would this matter? The reason for having a controller is so the AP reaches out to the controller to pull new firmware and configurations, correct?

If your controller firmware does not support the AP then it will not adopt it
The R720 is not supported by your ZD's firmware.

You need  firmware on your controller.