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R720: Large downlink performance difference with iOS clients between vSZ 3.6.2 and vSZ 5.1.1

Valued Contributor II
I don't have a lot of time to investigate this further but I'm curious if it corresponds to any known issues....

I'm noticing that using an iPhone X and iPhone XS, my R720 performs fairly poorly in the down (AP -> Client) direction.

Setup: 80MHz channel 100 (it's clean, no neighbors), 5GHz-only network

On vSZ 5.1.1 MR1 Refresh: Downlink starts around 300mbps and quickly drops to 150-170mbps. Uplink stable at 550mbps.

On vSZ 3.6.2 MR2 + "b706" R730 AP patch: Downlink and uplink both stable at around 450-500mbps.

Interestingly, if I switch the client to a desktop with an Intel AX201 card, both vSZ environments perform the same. I also don't see the issue with a R730, it performs well against both clients with both vSZ versions.

Are there any known performance issues with iOS clients on vSZ 5.1.1? 

New Contributor
The difference you are talking about of the large downlink is really appropriate and it's really great to see this kind of article over here. I want to add something with that is whenever you are using this product you need to be very careful about the router module part. Because if your router not properly updated then you may face Netgear Router Password Issues and then again you need to solve.