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R700 benchmarked against a consumer router... matches my experience

Valued Contributor II
This URL was shared by the Ruckus twitter account, and I figured it's worth talking about here too in case others haven't seen it:

Although I'm not a big fan of presenting all the results in a youtube video, the guy tests a R700 against the WRT1900AC, which uses a Broadcom 3x3:3 AC chipset and regular omni antennas. It represents nearly the top of the line for the consumer market (there's some dual 3x3:3 solutions on the market now with 6 omni antennas to "increase capacity", but anyway)

Long story short, the Linksys does great when benchmarked on an empty network, but quickly tanks after a few clients are added. At 7 clients, the Linksys only delivers 14mbit vs 97mbit from the R700.

This almost exactly mirrors my personal experience and how I got started with Ruckus. I have 100mbit Internet in my home office and start my mornings downloading 10GB of data on 3 machines over wifi. Before I switched  to Ruckus, this process would be extremely slow and make the wifi network virtually unusable. While it's not usually practical to buy enterprise equipment for home use, there are some exceptions :).

Keep up the great work, Ruckus! Can't wait to see how it looks with the upcoming 9.10 release when the AC AP's are feature complete 🙂