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R700 - WIFI Signal getting disconnect automatically; plz help

New Contributor II
in my organisation, we have 6nos of R700 AP and i configured 2.4,5G Radio signal with same SSID on them we are using this from the past 2yrs. but very frequently we are facing network issues.

we are suppose to reconnect SSID to use Internet.
can anyone please help me on this?

My english is poor too. But as I have understood, here is not enough information. What issues? Getting disconnect at one moment on all APs? In both diapazones(2,4  5)? Are the APs autonomus or U have controller? 
"we are suppose to reconnect SSID to use Internet." Could you write it in ather words please?

we don't have access controllers here.
yes for both diapazones wifi got disconnect and we have to reconnect wifi to use internet.

Ok, you are using outstanding Solo AP whitout controller. 
Do U have WEB or CLI access on each of them?
Do you lost your WiFi on ONE R700 or on ALL on them at the same time?
In what kind of equipment plugged on your APs?
In whose networks plugged your R700?
"we reconnect wifi to use internet". - I do not understand. How it works?
Try to answer on these questions & maybe U will fix the problem by yourself.

Yes I have WEB access of all and are in the same network connected to a POE switch.

we reconnect wifi to use internet". - I do not understand. How it works?-->
Internet stops working. then I need to disconnect and reconnect WIFI to access internet. this happening with all APs