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R650, R730 and R750 - WiFi 6 BSS coloring & Uplink MU-MIMO

New Contributor II
Will the optional WiFi 6 features such as BSS coloring and Uplink MU-MIMO be available on the R650, R730 and R750 as a future firmware update?  Or are these features even possible on way out into the future on newer AP models?

It would be nice to know how 'future proof' the R650, R730 and R750 AP's are - it would help me justify and sell the investments.

Valued Contributor II
Let’s start with OFDMA, ATF, and TxBf, which still aren’t active on the R730 with SmartZone 5.1.2!

It would be great to get some guidance from Ruckus around when Wi-Fi 6 functionality will be enabled in software.

Right now the only Wi-Fi 6 capability I’m seeing used on an iPhone 11 Pro is the HE MCS rates.

New Contributor II
Agreed; would be nice to get an ETA on that as well. 

I guess we're in a different boat.  You've made the WiFi 6 plunge whereas many (likely most) of us have not yet.  Ruckus (and all the vendors) need to help customers understand if their current hardware will eventually implement the full WiFi 6 feature set (including optional features) or should customers wait a year or two for the next generation of hardware??