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R600 regular disconnects

New Contributor II
I purchased a R600 for home use and I am experiencing regular disconnects that can only be resolved by a reboot of the device. Happens almost every day or every few days. Initially I thought it may have something to do with my internet providers router, but I just upgraded to the latest router. I'm not too familiar with this device, is there something I should be looking into?

APs share "heartbeats" to communicate that they are active.  This msg indicates some possible network connectivity issue between this AP and others/controller.  Does anything usually occur on your network at this time, ie server backups/regular downloads/file transfers, etc?

Michael, nothing that I know of occurs at that time. This is a home network and I don't have anything running at any specific time.  As of right now, the last time this happened was on Jan. 7th. Odd how it comes and goes. 

Valued Contributor
When I had met this msg, and TAC tell me "WAL_DBGID_DEV_TX_TIMEOUT" is happend when there is very congested.

That means because there is very congested, AP don't transmit any packet.

As a result I had found there is WIPS solution.

Atfer we turned off the WIPS, a condition was very very better.

Try it.