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R500 Antenna Pattern

New Contributor II

Can I get the antenna pattern for the R500 access point? AirMagnet does not have this model included and I am trying to create my own based off a radiation chart. I can't seem to find an antenna pattern anywhere online for this model. Thankss


Unless I'm misunderstanding the question, there is no "pattern" for a Ruckus AP. Most Ruckus APs are omni antenna arrays, capable of generating multiple different patterns on a per-packet basis. The low end R500 can do 64 unique patterns, I believe. Higher end units can do 3000-4000 patterns.

I can understand that, that was the explanation I was thinking as to why there might not be a pattern online.

Esteemed Contributor II
These can be found in KBA-4352: ZonePlanner antenna patterns for T300 and H500 model APs,
which will be visible shortly (next server update period).

And the R500? Currently I have access to T300 and H500 patterns in AirMagnet, R500 is the last one I need. Is the H500, R300, or R700 pattern comparable enough to the R500 pattern to use one of those as a substitute? Thanks!