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R310 with SmartZone High Scale - RSSI arrive to R310

New Contributor II
How to know RSSI arrive in the AP from the station client? Does exist CLI comand to know this information?

RUCKUS Team Member
The RSSI value displayed in the Access Point is the measured signal strength over the noise floor setting converted to a relative value.  This is most synonymous with SNR and is expressed as a pure ration in dB.  The Access Point will calculate a received signal strength by adding the RSSI (SNR) to the Noise Floor (NF).  This value is reported to the controller that will report this signal strength as RSSI (confusing) but now it is an absolute (albeit calculated) value in dBm.

The AP can only detect the signal strength of received signals from clients and only knows the data rate (MCS rate) used to transmit to the client.   The signal from AP to client and the data rate the client is transmitting to the AP is not knowable by the AP.

The AP records the RSSI (SNR) for clients on each MIMO transmit chain for unicast packets and also ACK packets which may be higher as ACK messages from clients are sent at the basic rate/multicast rate for the WLAN/SSID which is often sent with higher power levels.  This more complete view of RSSI can be found under "node stats" section of the AP support info file.

get station wlan stats all shows the combined RSSI (SNR) and transmit rate as a snapshot when taken.  The AP support info file will also display this data and is a good reference to understand client connectivity and statistics.