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Problem with Ruckus300

New Contributor III
I have 2 Ruckus300, my internet connection is about 200MB, but each Rucku is giving less than 2MB? How can I know if this is a configuration problem?

New Contributor III
Somebody can help me?

Contributor III
Good Evening Adrian. There are a ton of variables when testing the speed and performance of an Access point.
is this AP mounted, if so how high? Also, is 2mb/s your up AND down speed? What client are you using to test the AP with?

in the SoloAP firmware, it's possible to log in and see how a client is connected, are your clients connected at 5ghz or 2.4ghz?

Ahh ok, I was using 2.4ghz connection

New Contributor III
Hello, I have 2 APs, installed at 3mts high, 2MB up and les tan 1MB down, Using my user and other laptops and cell phones