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PTP solution

New Contributor II

I need your help please,

I have a PTP request for 1km of distance, can you please suggest the right AP to respond

Thank you.


Contributor III

The right way to tackle this is to have an expert survey your site and make a recommendation, IMO.

Valued Contributor

Hi Larbi,

As per @Squozen's advice; outdoor links are potentially very complicated to design with lots of not-obvious considerations to take.

Ruckus have EOS'd the P300 point-to-point/multipoint bridge solution but there may be some left in your geo, so it's worth asking around.

Alternatively, consider the new T350se access point, with the new 30x30, 2-stream MIMO directional antenna and utilising Ruckus SmartMesh with Cloud, Unleashed or SmartZone as the controller to enable the SmartMesh functionality. It should be noted that this isn't the intended use for SmartMesh but there's no reason why it shouldn't work well over 1Km with unobstructed LoS and Fresnel Zone.

All details are on the data sheet:

I hope that helps,

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Hi Team,

I appreciate your feedback & collaboration

Thank you

New Contributor II

Hi Darrel,

I tried to find the antenna that your recommended but with no success, could you please assist how to find this antenna? Thank you

Best regards,