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P300 connecting to Controller

New Contributor II
Is there still plans to have the P300 connect to a controller in 2016?

Esteemed Contributor II
I'm not aware of any plans for the standalone P300 PtMtP bridges to be managed by ZD/SZ controllers.

They can be managed by FlexMaster NMS, and are supported in FM 9.12.

New Contributor II
In the FAQ document it mentions that there are plans in 2016 to have the P300 connect to a ZD/SZ.  Hence the reason I ask this question to see if it is still in the pipeline.  We are coming across many applications which would benefit from the self healing attributes of mesh but only utilize the 5GHz backhaul function and require longer distances. (up to 1km)

Let me get the official statement from Product Line Marketing. The P300 does utilize Mesh as it's PtMtP method, which differs from 7731 functionality.  Please stay tuned...

Hi Michael,
are there any news on this? I heard that the P300 should be manageable by SmartZone Controllers in one of the next releases.