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New firmware with issue

New Contributor II

I just updated my r610 unleashed with new firmware After that my URL filtering starts not working properly.
Example: I am using youtube safesearch for childrens SSID, cultural videos are showing in the search but I can't play them.

This happen after upgrade to new firmware.


New Contributor
Hi Christian 

URL Filtering service requires an active URL filtering license to function. URL filtering licenses can be purchased from Ruckus partners and distributors, and a temporary license is also available to allow customers to try out the service for a limited time before purchasing.

check this manual

New Contributor II

thanks for your prompt reply,

I have a valid license, I bought it 3 months ago.

The issue started when I have upgraded from 200.8 to 200.9 firmware..4 days ago

It's very strange, I can open youtube, I can search and see the result, but I can't reproduce them.

Note: I'm using Youtube Safe Search, so I'm trying to reproduce cultural videos, that I suppose are granted

With 200.8 firmware I never got any error.



Contributor II
Worth checking if the YouTube Virtual IP is still the same.  You can open command prompt or terminal on your laptop to run ping and put the ip in the box, see below screenshot.  As it only happened after the upgrade, so it may not be the virtual ip gets updated but worth checking.

Also you can try to recreate the test URL filtering profile with the same configuration, then apply to a test SSID to ensure it is not due to the upgrade process for not carrying over all the old config to the new config.

If no luck after all, time to open a ticket with the tech support team.  Hope it helps.

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@tony_heung I have the same issue. Using that came 10/27/2020.