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My Neighbour is Using a Ruckus Router to Attack me with Deauth packets

New Contributor II
Hi All, 

My neighbour (a nursery business) isn't overly friendly (no idea why). Over the last year my wifi network and other neighbouring networks have been plagued with disconnects. Recently after many visits for the ISP to ascertained the issue they have identified that the Ruckus router used by the Nursery is being used to flood deauth packets to neighbouring AP's which I am fairly sure in the UK is illegal (why is this even a feature on your equipment!?). 

I have tried talking to them but they just refuse to even discuss the issue (it's possible they don't understand the issue). 

Any ideas on how I protect myself from people maliciously using your technology?
Protected management frame will work for some clients but not all, devices like my thermostat and doorbell will continue to be disconnected. 

Kind regards, 

New Contributor III
Hi there, it's actually a protective technology that is not an automatic feature it is something you actively have to switch on as it's meant for clearing airspace of malicious rogue ap's. Unfortunately it's got your wifi in its sites. Not much you can do without them disabling the feature on the controller

Hi Logan, 

Thanks for your reply. If this feature is not automatic as you claim, then in this instance it is being used as a weapon against my family. There is nothing rogue about my AP, it has been there for 4years+. 

This feature seems more like a cyber-weapon than a "protection". 

In this case yes you are experiencing the bad end of it however in big corporate setups or government, mod for example they need to protect their airspace against other access points as we all know wireless hacking is easier than gaining access to the property yourself.
But any way the point is that I'm pretty sure that it is not automatic.. I support many customers using ruckus and I have never actually seen this in action except for my own synthetic testing. What are you using as your wifi setup. I'm wondering why your access point would of flagged as a malicious rogue device on their setup to begin with.
If they are adamant that they will not turn it off then unfortunately the only way I would presume would be to change the mac address of your ap. Ergo having to buy another one.
Dont get me wrong this technology should never be used in this way but it has a very good reason to exist.

You could always buy ruckus and do it back XD

Something like this would be illegal in the USA.  I am not even sure that is an option here.  I would talk to them about it.  If that doesn't work, your remedies would be legal not technological.

I work for a State Government, and nobody owns the airspace.  It is FCC controlled.  We detect rogue access points (mostly hot spots), but we are not de-authing them.