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Multiple Bands / Multiple SSID

New Contributor II
Good afternoon,

I have a zonedirector ZD 1106 version build 11, the APs that are connected are the r500 / r600 / zf7372.

I would like to be able to work with several SSIDs and be able to define which band to work on.

I do not know how to do that.


Esteemed Contributor II
Welcome Gary,
Please find details on all features of your ZoneDirector in the version 9.10 User Guide:

You can define several WLAN/SSIDs with your choice of security.  You can create groups
specifying which WLANs to advertise and service.

You can also create AP Groups, for different areas for example, and then specify which
of your WLAN groups should be used for either 2.4GHz or 5GHz band usage within each
AP Group.

New Contributor II
Thank you,

The problem is that the Access Point Groups is used to configure the AP Band by AP.

In other words, I can not put in the same AP that has two SSIDs one in 2.4GHz and the other one in 5.8 GHz.

As you would,


Contributor II
Gary, you can create two WLAN groups (one for 2.4, one for 5) and in the AP groups override the WLAN group per radio to use the appropriate WLAN group.  This will allow the WLAN groups to be radio specific.

Can an AP be in different WLAN Groups?

AP1 -> WLAN1 Group
AP1 -> WLAN2 Group