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Method of connecting remote AP to SZ 100

New Contributor III
Hello everyone!
I still don't understand the method of connection the remote AP(at branch office, for example) to the SZ 100 controller at main office (or at datacenter).
Could it be done just with Ruckus devices?
 Or do I need a VPN server at controller side to build tonnels between remote AP and controller?
Thanks in advance.

Contributor II

AP does the tunneling to the controller for the client data.  AP needs to be able to communicate with the controller from whichever location the AP is at.  Once connected to the controller and proper firewall configuration is in place to allow the required ports, the AP will form a GRE tunnel with the SZ100 and data will be transmitted within this tunnel.  VLAN for each WLAN service can be sent to the core (datacenter) for processing of the client data. 

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Dionis! 
But the question is - what ports  on the firewall should I  forward to controller? 
And on the AP I need just to input the controller external IP?

Here are the ports you need for the SmartZone 100 to communicate with the AP effectively and other things.

AP to SmartZone Control Plane communication needs TCP port 443 for registration using certificate

AP to SmartZone Control Plane SSH Tunnel requires TCP port 22

AP to SmartZone CP for firmware updates and more needs TCP port 91

AP to SZ-CP for time sync requires UDP port 123

AP to RADIUS server if needed requires UDP port 1812 and 1813 and can be changed as needed

AP to SmartZone Data Plane for R-GRE tunnel formation and maintenance needs port 23233 and can be changed as needed in the SZ-100

AP to SmartZone DP for R-GRE traffic transmission of client data requires TCP port 23232.  This is not configurable.

IP on SZ-DataPlane needs to be able to reach SZ-Control Plane IP on port 80 for internal communication - Just FYI

SZ-D to SZ-CP requires ports 443 and 6868 for other services internal to the controller, again these are FYI as both refer to internal controller functions

Hope this helps.

Thank you!
But how does it work? AP establishes the connection to SZ via GRE tonnel? 
And then, how does the same remote connection work with ZoneDirector?