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Mesh network in a remote branch

New Contributor
Hi guys,
I have a deployment with a ZoneDirector a several T300 on different sites, connected to the ZD across the public network. Besides, in one of these sites, we need to establish a mesh network since it is a large venue without full LAN network coverage. 3 of the APs could be root-APs, and other 2 must be meshed. They will connect to the ZD through the internet.

Is it a valid design, or the root APs must be connected to the same LAN than the ZD? Any experience with this kind of deployments?

Thank you in advance!!!

Valued Contributor II

your requirement is doable however you have to follow the below items:
  • Enable mesh on controller. this is will reboot the connected AP's. if not done yet.
  • First provision the future mesh AP as root AP on the same LAN as current root AP. Once they show up as connected on controller then disconnect them from LAN. Keep it powered on and within few minutes they will join the controller as MESH AP. if they connect all ok then deploy them in location where u need them.
  • Ensure that Root AP and MESH ap can hear each other ok for better performance mesh AP coverage area

Thank you so much. I will try it!!!