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Mesh mode ZD1012 and ZF7363

New Contributor II

Hi. I have a network with  wich consists of 25 APs ZF7363 and controlled by ZD1012. The network is maxed out with APs, but i still have some dead spots and was wondering if i could use mesh mode.

My qustions is:

- If i enable Mesh in the ZD1012 will i then loose speed over all?

- After i have enabled Mesh overall, can I then just enable mesh on the specific AP?

- How do I setup mesh mode?

Hope you can help me.


Valued Contributor II

1. Speed (available bandwidth) will be at least 2x lower on mesh-connected APs, as well as same part of root AP bandwidth will be busy by mesh traffic. As far as you are more concerned by coverage, and don't max capacity it must be OK to use 1-hop mesh connections for a few APs. Just take care that mesh link between APs has good signal -- so it is fast.

2. You need to enable mesh for all system (single checkbox), later you can  disable mesh function on all APs, where it is not needed. 

3. It's just one checkbox to enable, but than you want go through all APs and disable where mesh is not needed, and set mesh mode for APs which need it (Root or MAP, and choose uplink APs for MAP).

It will all work well and will provide decent 802.11n performance, even so ZD1012 and ZF7363 are very old  devices.

Hope it helps.