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Mesh AP is not connected to the configured desired uplink(MeshAP)

New Contributor II
Hi Everyone! Need your help and your ideas regarding on this issue. Currently on my wireless network, I have 2 Root APs and has 4 Mesh(1hop) APs. My 2nd hop mesh AP is currently configured to uplink only on MAP1. Instead it should uplink on MAP1, at some time it would uplink to MAP2. I don't know the reason behind this issue. I'm hopeful that you could provide and share your ideas  on this issue.

Esteemed Contributor II
Sharing my ideas, do not assign specific uplinks and let the APs determine the best Root or next-hop AP to join.
Measure the signal strength of neighbor APs seen, from all your AP support info files.
Mesh APs require 25 RSSI in both directions to maintain mesh links.

It might be that MAP1 is/was on a bad channel for interference from your 2nd hop AP, so it wanted to go thru MAP2,
to maintain better throughput for clients beyond the 2nd hop AP.

If the MAP1 interference was temporary, the link with MAP2 would still have to drop to below minimum before your
2nd hop AP would likely switch back to MAP1 though.

New Contributor II
Thanks for your idea Michael! I think you're right about what is happening on changing of uplinks of my 2nd hop AP. Our design is to uplink on MAP1 since both MAP1 and 2nd hop AP are on the same premise. Is a Mesh AP always find an uplink even if we didn't configure it to uplink on a certain uplink?

Yes, that's why we call it Smart Mesh!