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Mac address record

New Contributor
How i can implement in a solutions wireless, with register of mac address of the devices, with the finality that my ruckus controller do not ask me login again. I implemented a captive portal in a server linux. please, tell some suggestions

Esteemed Contributor II
You can create a FreeRADIUS server with username/password credentials (and possibly even matching MAC address?),
and define an 802.1x WLAN on your wireless.  Clients need to authenticate the first time they use the network, and can
cache/save those credentials for seamless access next time.

If you have created a Captive portal in a Linux server, you need to define a HotSpot service on Ruckus, and I do not think
your clients can save their logins from a web page access method, or have a MAC auth pre-authentication.

New Contributor
Image_ images_messages_5f91c437135b77e2479c33d1_39c4794529f0e2caa6cf3a0c234928dd_RackMultipart201708021322na1s2-f0b3b52f-66f9-4d02-9b1b-fe0525bb126e-1594330176.PNG1501691007
In effect, I have created a captive portal on a linux server. My purpose is to save the mac addresses of the devices so that I do not ask for authentication again for the second time.

Any idea to make it possible?