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Looking for a solid poe managed switch for Five R510's

New Contributor
Looking for a solid poe managed switch for Five R510's. I've read through many posts with respect to different issues, etc. Maybe there is a doc I am missing somewhere but really just looking for a decent recommendation - probably just need an 8 port poe switch.  

Thanks in advance.

Hi a HP procurve 2530 will be perfect
I have a network of 561 AP (Zoneflex R500, R300, 7055,T300) since one year and all is workin fine

New Contributor III
We use a mix of Netgear M4100 access and M5300 distribution switches. Never had a problems.

New Contributor
I'd highly suggest staying away from HP Procurve's.  They have known "ghosts" in them and will do random crap that will leave you scratching your head forever.  We have 3 very high usage locations and ended up ditching them after having them in for about 3 years.  We installed a Cisco Catalyst and the problems went away 100% for over a year. Things to consider.

New Contributor II

Just my personal experience of using HP Pro Curve (for over 10 years now), I've never had any issues with them, right through the range, POE and none POE. Our entire network infrastructure is HP Pro Curve and I'd recommend them to anyone.

As for a little 5 porter, I have a 2915-8g on my desk that I use for AP setup, etc and have no issues with it. We have multiple VLAN's across staff, student, BYOD, Management and system management based networks, and they all work fine with our ranges of Pro Curve devices.

Around 8 years ago, the previous network guy here made a conscious decision to remove everything Cisco related after we had various issues at the time, when the Cisco engineer turned up (several of them), not even they could resolve the problems.

Just my experiences, that's all, I know others feel different, but I can't say a bad word about HP devices, especially their lifetime warranty.

(and we have the R510's too).