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Is there a way to create an isolated standard (not guest) Wifi connection on the Ruckus AP R320-1?

New Contributor

To give a little background, I want to create an isolated standard (not guest) wifi network for our small office. The main purpose of this isolated network is for mobile phones and personal devices as well as the office TVs. Anyone has any ideas or instructions they might be able to share with me? Thanks in advance.

The AP I am using is the Ruckus R320-1


Valued Contributor

Hi Alvin,

When you say isolated, do you mean that you don't want Wi-Fi clients to be able to 'see' each other? Or do you mean you want devices on the specific WLAN to be separated from the rest of your network?

Both/either of the above are possible using either Ruckus Unleashed or Ruckus Cloud. Client isolation is a feature available in both platforms.  To separate all clients on a specific SSID then you would use a VLAN.

Unleashed client and network isolation:

Wireless and VLANs:

I hope that helps,