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Is there a neat way to "stand" and Access Point like a ZoneFlex R720 or H510 on its side on a surface

Contributor II
Hi there.  For various reason, I may want to stand one of my APs (Probably a ZoneFlex R720) upright to project the signal out of a window so I can reach some exterior IP cams.  I would like to do this on a 5ft high surface next to the window.  Is there a neat (and stable) way of doing this without me needing to make a DIY stand?  Would also like a similar solution for an H510, if a suitable stand is available.  Many thanks!

Valued Contributor II
Ruckus omni APs tend to have a signal pattern that looks like a bagel -- it tends to have more range projecting out in a disc-like shape, less on top, and the worst coverage directly behind the AP. Long story short, to reach your exterior IP cams, I don't expect you'll want to stand the AP up. Wall style mounting is most useful to cover multiple floors like in a stairwell.

Contributor II
Thanks John.  I currently reach my back yard IP cams with an AMPED AP with three 25 cm Antennae.  It's on the first floor of my house, whereas the IP cams are about 5-8 feet off ground level.  This means the signal needs to somehow travel diagonally downwards.  I have read that the signal will travel more upwards if I just leave it on a shelf.  I guess I can experiment. I can't start screwing APs to the ceiling as this is in a bedroom and my wife would kill me (our office is also our home).  If there's a better ZoneFlex AP for the job then please shout.  The APs are the last components that I need to order for my network upgrade project.  Many thanks.

Hi Peter, 

   You should be able to set the AP down on top of a desk or set of drawers near your window,
in order to radiate outside.  The signal will travel more sideways than upward, when sitting
horizontal on furniture or ceiling mounted. (don't point the top outside toward the backyard)