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Integrate ZoneDirector in to network without affecting existing AP configuration?

New Contributor
Can i Integrate a ZD1100 in to my existing network and join already in place APs without them losing their configuration?

My first attempt to connect an existing AP to the ZD in a test environment I believe ended up wiping the existing SSID/WLAN configuration. I used the "set zonedirector ip x.x.x.x" command from the CLI on the AP. I say "I believe" because I'm still fumbling my way around the ZD interface, but I was either unable to join to the WLAN after the AP syncd with the ZD.

Are there any good detailed configuration guides for this device?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Andrew,

Yes, we have detailed ZoneDirector User Guides under the Documents section
of the Support Portal, and here's a link filtered for ZD1100 docs:

Version 9.7 is still the recommended release unless you have new model APs
or need 9.8 new features, until the 9.8 MR1 comes out at least.

To your question about integrating a ZD where you have existing standalone
APs, this is not common, but I can advise. You define SSIDs under Configuration::
Radio 2.4G/5G, and one of the 8 tabs on a standalone AP. The settings you have
here, with regard to WPA2-AES-PSK for example, will look very similar on the ZD's
Configure/WLANs page, when you create a WLAN of the same type.

APs will upgrade/downgrade to whatever version of firmware is running on the
ZD, and will "provision" with the WLAN details from your ZD, overwriting what you
had in standalone mode. I hope this will get you started, or feel free to contact
your VAR or Ruckus for further assistance.

New Contributor
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your response. So with regard to the provisioning when the APs connect to the ZD. Is it safe to assume if no WLANs are configured on the ZD when I connect an AP and the AP gets provisioned, it will wipe the existing WLANs?