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Inherited 3x R710 APs

New Contributor

New to Ruckus and I have inherited 3 R710 APs, there may be more but there seems to be no hardware controller.  They look like they have not been used in some time, but do power up and show the SSID, so someone reset them.   I would like to upgrade the firmware on them and preferably setup a Ruckus Cloud controller for them and use them at my church.  Is the firmware needed to join them to the cloud available to anyone or is that something that must be purchased?  

thanks for any help 


RUCKUS Unleashed offers local management and monitoring for wireless networks (no license required). While it operates without a dedicated hardware controller (controller-less architecture), administrators can centrally manage the network through a web-based interface or mobile app.

For remote management, RUCKUS provides cloud-based option which is RUCKUS One, allowing users to configure, monitor, and manage their networks remotely.

RUCKUS One Subscription Licenses 

Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with, feel free submit a support case whenever you need it.

Best Regards,

Abiel Bermudez | Sr Technical Support Engineer

I have 2 of these APs now running Unleashed firmware. Can I get the needed firmware to try Ruckus One for free or do I need to purchase that firmware?


Certainly! Feel free to explore the RUCKUS One Free Trial by following this link: 

RUCKUS One Trial | RUCKUS Networks 

Once the trial is activated, and you can log into your Cloud Portal, proceed with the following steps:

Note: The Standalone Firmware is free and required to join the Cloud.

  1. Download the Standalone Firmware for R710 AP Model:

  2. Open a browser and enter the AP's IP address.

  3. Perform the Firmware update using the Local Upgrade option:

    • Locate the Local Upgrade option during the Unleashed Wizard Setup here.
    • Or find Local Upgrade in the Unleashed Dashboard once logged in here.
  4. Once the APs are running the Standalone Firmware, add them to your Cloud:

For more information, you can also check out RUCKUS One™ - YouTube and the RUCKUS One Online Help.

Please let me know if you have further questions, we are glad to assist you.
Best Regards,
Abiel Bermudez | Sr Technical Support Engineer

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @rdu-ruckus,

I'm just following up on this, please let us know if further assistance is required.

Friendly remainder: feel free to submit a case whenever your need it.

Best Regards,

Abiel Bermudez | Sr Technical Support Engineer