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How to manage AP's on local network

New Contributor II
I am new to Ruckus. I have three R310 ap's with firmware 5.1 on my lan. I would like to publish 2 wifi networks, shared on all thre of them. What software do i use to manage and configure these ap's? I am being told by support I have to buy support and then I have to upgrade to unleashed. Surely there is a free application I can install on my laptop to be able to do this?

Contributor II
*** Surely there is a free application I can install on my laptop to be able to do this? ***
yes, a webbrowser

New Contributor II
I have tried to connect to the ip of the ap's but there is no reply. I can ping them. They were managed by an ISP using virtual smart zone before.

Valued Contributor II
VSZ managed APs do not have a web browser UI by default. This firmware is only managed by vSZ controllers. If you no longer have access to the controller the best thing to do would be to factory-reset the APs and load an alternate firmware image such as Unleashed or Standalone, and Unleashed is a good choice for these APs.

After a factory reset, assuming the controller doesn’t adopt your APs again, the web interface will work to let you load on a different image.

New Contributor II
Hi John.

Thank you for the clear explanation. I am correct in stating that I can download the unleashed firmware from Ruckus and that there is no further costs for this, i.e. that it is not trial software?