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How do I enable SNMPv3 on ZoneDirector managed ZoneFlex 7363.

New Contributor II
I needed to enable snmp remote-mgmt.

set remote-mgmt snmp.

Now I'd like this to be executed on all the ZoneFlex's automagically. Does someone knows the fastest way to do this?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Rudy,

I don't have a ZD and AP to test this however there is an command which you can execute from ZD CLI and that would hit all AP's which are online. it goes somthing like this:

remote_ap_cli - A set remote-mgmt snmp

Take a look at ZD CLI guide for reference. Start at page PDF page 281

hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Hi Monnat,

Thanks for your reply. We're using version build 373.

I've been searching through this manual:

Strangely when we enable SNMPv2 the AP's enable it as well. Yet for SNMPv3 they don't.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's manageable through the web-interface, yet based on intuition I can't really find anything. I'll read the docs a bit more.

New Contributor III

You can try via remote_ap_cli -A (as Monnat mentioned above)
The command is set snmp

set snmp : set snmp {options}
->version , SNMP version(v2c,v3,both)
->system contact , SNMP V2c system contact
->system location , SNMP V2c system location
->community ro , read-only community name
->community rw , read-write community name
->trap {enable|disable}, SNMP V2c trap enable flag
->trap-svr , SNMP V2c trap server ipaddr
-- Modify SNMP Settings

Be aware you have to be in debug mode to execute the command.


New Contributor II

That's probably why I couldn't get the remote_ap_cli to work. I weren't trying it in debug mode.

Thanks a lot