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How do I add a WLAN to a particular dataplane in vSZ?

New Contributor
In my vSZ, I have added two dataplanes and I want one WLAN to tunnel to one, the the other WLAN to tunnel to the other. I don't see anywhere where you select which dataplane to use. In the manual it says to go to Configuration --> Cluster Planes --> and then click on the name of the dataplane. But in my console, the Dataplane names are just text. I can't select the dataplane in the config mode.

I have already approved it and it appears as managed. I have created a Ruckus GRE profile. I created a WLAN and configured it to tunnel with the aforementioned Ruckus GRE. The AP zone also doesn't appear to have a place to select which dataplane to use although that is where I select the tunneling profile.

Thanks all,