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How can I set up stand-alone 7762 as a client for other AP?

New Contributor II
Hello everyone.
So, I have netwotk built on zd1150 and some 7762 (it doesn't matter, I suppose). How can I set up 7762 as station for this network? I need it to get network access to clients who has no wireless adapter (and I have a lot of 7762).

Valued Contributor
Enable MESH and let it provision on the 7762. After that plug in a computer or a switch and it should work.

New Contributor II
Thanks for your reply.
Wired client is moving (it's ip-camera in bus). When I thought about mesh, I noticed that it takes too much time to rebuild the scheme when mesh AP is moving. I think there should be another way :)
Thank you anyway!

Valued Contributor II
Hello Andrey Paramonov,

Yes, Mesh takes time to rebuild. I know you got lots of 7762 however for your requirement it would not have been cost effective solution.

Let say in a non-moving situation, i would have gone for a Decent quality CPE which connects on wifi upstream and also got a ethernet port to which your Camera can connect.

In Moving situation, you need to have a CPE which can roam fast and most of the CPE in the market don't roam FAST as they are made with the premise that they would be stationary so no or little roaming.

Btw - please let us know how frequently bus comes and go, is it a passenger bus, what is the purpose of IP camera.

Looking forward to your response. I have further suggestions for your requirement.

New Contributor II
You confirmed my concerns. So, I have to look to any other CPE equipment.

This is an abstract bus, that goes SOMETIMES, drives at something like 35-40 mph, and it's passenger bus. At least this bus has three cameras: looking forward, looking backward and looking inside the bus. I think that it's kind of remote video recording. I can't say what resolution these cameras have, but there are definitely not HD 🙂 vga, I suppose.