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Guest Access re authentictaes

New Contributor
Hi guys,

So we have a guest access on one of our lodges and the guest are able to connect with no problem. The only issue is now that when they move from lets say from reception to Room 1 they hop from one AP to the next one and then need to re-authenticate. I have tested and made the encryption options WPA2 with a normal password and also enabled fast roaming.

But now they will need to authenticate twice first through the WPA2 encryption and then again to the guest protal which wont be efficient for them. So i came to the conclusion that we need to enable fast roaming in order for them to connect to a different AP when they move around to stay Authenticated.

Is there a way we can enable fast roaming on the WLAN without adding the extra authentication method.

The system we are using is a virtual smartZone the AP's are R310 models and the version of the smartzone is


New Contributor III
Fast BSS Transition is operational only if the wireless client has support for 802.11r standard. If the client does not have support for 802.11r standard, it falls back to normal WPA2 authentication method.

The 802.11r option is only available under PSK and 802.1x authentication WLANs.

Valued Contributor
Hi Anrich,

The issue you describe seems to indicate a mis-configuration issue.

As part of the Wi-Fi standard a client device should seamlessly roam from AP-to-AP, providing they have identical WLAN configuration and overlapping coverage.

Even if the APs do not have overlapping coverage, the client device should automatically associate to the SSID; providing it has an identical configuration.

If your clients are prompting for re-authentication then it could be that the WLAN configuration on AP-X differs to that on the AP-Y the client is trying to roam to.