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Flashing DIR light

New Contributor II
Can someone tell me what the reset period is for a flashing DIR light?

Documentation says this means the AP (in this case some 7982's) has had trouble contacting the ZoneDirector in the past. The AP isn't rebooting or losing heartbeats, but the light is always flashing on a few. Does this mean it's consistently having issues or is there just no reset period for this indicator?

Esteemed Contributor II
A flashing DIR LED means the AP is trying to find a ZoneDirector.

Could you have some temporary network issues between AP(s) and ZD?

Ping from AP site to ZD address, to see if ICMP reports fluctuating speeds.

New Contributor II
No fluctuations between the APs at all, less than 1ms and no losses all yesterday.

If there are periods of congestion causing it, it would be easier to pinpoint if I knew how long that light stays flashing after an issue.

It's also odd that if the AP thinks it has an issue, why doesn't it report it to the ZD once it's back to normal? It's not losing a heartbeat on the ZD so it must be a pretty quick outage.