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Firmware Versions

New Contributor
In looking to update our Clients stand alone AP's, I see that there is a "recommended" firmware listed, which is usually not the latest. Is this what I should use, or should I use the "latest"?

Esteemed Contributor II
The most features/functions/fixes for Solo APs will be in the latest version available.

I just zipped up all the supported Solo AP version code to the Support Portal:

Read the Release Notes, and find the firmware download file here: 

Supported AP models are: H500, H510 (build .1350), R300, R310, R500, R510, R600, R700, R710,

T300, T300e/n/s, T710, T710s, 7055, 7352, 7372, 7782, 7982.

Note: Some Solo AP users might like 104 for your ZoneFlex 7055/7372/7982/7782 Legacy APs!