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FW upgrade issue

New Contributor II
I have 30 H510 APs having unknown FW version and not registering in SmartZone. I have the correct FW downloaded but APs are not allowing access through web portal, TFTP or SSH. Please help me on FW upgrade.

New Contributor II
Hi Nikita, I have done exactly as you said but still same. If there is no DHCP it is taking but can't access with ssh or web portal. (When there is DHCP it is taking IP from the scope) All these APs are broadcasting Configure.Me-xxxxx SSID. I was able to connect to AP thorough WiFi but was not able to access the AP.

New Contributor III
Hi Chamika, The following thread says that if an AP was managed by a controller before, it's web access will be disabled (http and https will be disabled):
However, SSH should work...

Can you actually ping when AP is isolated after hard reset with no reachable DHCP servers? If ping works and SSH doesn't (no response) then it's probably time for RMA.

New Contributor II
I can ping but cant reached using SSH. I might go for RMA then.