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Experience with Guest Ticket Solution for Restaurant

Contributor III

i am searching for a easy and secure way to deploy a Guest Network for one of my Customers.
My Customer will open a new Restaurant the next few month. And he will offer a free and secure Guest Network for his guests.

I am not sure what is the best way. DPSK printed out on a Paper and give each guest his own DPSK is a little too much, i think.
So i think a Guest Ticket is more, what i like. But the printout (DIN A4 Page) and the overall design is not very nice.
Giving each Guest his own Guest Ticket is also not so cool. Access should be limited to 1 day. For me its not a Problem if each User is using the same Guest Ticket Code.

I thought about putting a little Card (size of a business card) on each table. Print the WPA2 PSK and a valid Guest Ticket Code on it. So all Guests can use this Information on this card to get access. The next day, the cards will be exchange. PSK will be the same, Guest Ticket Code will be a new one.

Maybe someone have some good experience or was in a similar situation.


New Contributor III
What your looking to do is called a "Captive Portal" that supports vouchers.
Here is a link to a description along with supporting product...

New Contributor III
Looks like the ruckus Zone Director also supports captive portals.


Contributor III
Yes, the ZD supports a Captive Portal and Vouchers/Guest Tickets.

But there are some Problems in my Case:
1. There is no technical Personal who is able to create such Vouchers within the ZD GUI (in the Restaurant are only cooks and waitress).
2. The Voucher Printout is a uncool DIN-A4 Page. I am searching for a way to get a better Design. Maybe a  nice little Printout on a Card (size of a Business Card).

Basicly i don't have a Problem with an Voucher aka Guest Ticket.
I don't want each guest have to ask the waitress for a Ticket. This is irritating. For the waitress and for the guest.
If i use Guest Tickets i am searching for a way to bring them in a smaller/better Design (maybe with a third party software). So i whould place one Ticket on each Table with the menu card.

Maybe there is a easier/better/smarter way to solve this? Maybe there is a third party software for optimize easy the Printout Design of my Tickets? Maybe someone has a HTML Code? Maybe working with HotSpot is more the way i should look at?

My Goal is to get a free, secure and easy way to bring the Guests online.
Running an open Wireless Network without Encryption or Authentication is not an option for me.
Because of some regulations in Germany this is not possible.


New Contributor III
Did you read the link I gave you to also?  From the description it looks to be like the solution you are looking for.  However FREE is going to be your caveat...