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Confused about firmware update

New Contributor

Apologies for the basic question. I have looked for an answer before posting...

I have just set-up a Ruckus r700 and as per usual with all new products, I checked for updates, of course reading the release notes before upgrading.

The current AP 'software' listed on the AP is version:

I noticed on the Ruckus site that the latest 'firmware' version is listed as R700 Firmware (r700_9. Which is the same as the 'software' version on the AP.

However, on the Ruckus support site there's a download available called 'Standalone AP Software (All APs)' and inside that download a file called 'R700_9.'

I'm confused?

Q1: Is it just the Ruckus terminology / wording that is confusing?
Q2: Is the file 'R700_9.' actually the latest firmware version for the R700?
Q3: If it is the latest firmware, can I upgrade to it using the local update option on the AP?
Q4: Are there any release notes anywhere?
Q5: The Auto F/W upgrade on the AP is enabled, but the FW Control Control File is fixed as 'r700_980_cntrl.rcks' Is it right that its fixed?

Sorry for the amount of questions. Its just that the wording is confusing to me and I think its important to make such things clear so as to avoid any costly mistakes.

Thanks Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e0135b77e2478c2394_214dc37afa28dccd22cb51562e887fa5_Capture_inline-9bbfb622-6783-4d8e-89ce-8d34b6cb58cc-1212230144.JPG1414628474

I like questions I can answer!

A1: Apologies that this is somewhat confusing, we're working on it!
A2: Yes, that's the latest firmware version.
A3: Yes, you can upgrade to it using the local update option on the AP.
A4: Yes, here they are:
A5: That's a technical question I'm not sure of. Perhaps our main moderator, Michael Brado, can help answer that.

Esteemed Contributor II
Regarding Firmware upgrade to your standalone AP, when on the Maintenance::Upgrade page, once you click "Local" as your Upgrade Method, the fields will change to a browse file selection. This is the simplest way to upgrade standalone APs.

You should manually upgrade your AP firmware, as the "auto-upgrade" server designed for EoL MediaFlex and MetroFlex product APs may no longer be in service. You can create a custom r700_XXX_cntrl.rcks control files if you wish to
use a local FTP/TFTP server, and update the file with each incremental firmware
upgrade released.

New Contributor
Brilliant. Thanks guys for your swift and detailed response.

I performed a successful step upgrade: