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Cisco: sh DHCP lease alternative in Ruckus

New Contributor
Hey guys, I am trying to find the DHCP lease of a particualr AP via CLI. In cisco the command is sh DHCP lease. Any idea what's the equivalent command on Ruckus?

New Contributor III
where are you connected? i suppose you are connected to a zonedirector. this can be done if you press
enable (enter) -> show ap mac (where mac is the mac address of the specific ap) or "show ap all"to see all aps

Esteemed Contributor II
Is the AP using ZoneDirector's DHCP?

Under ZD's Configure/System, DHCP Server, if it's enabled there will be a line at the bottom of the section
that reads "To view all IP addresses that have been assigned by the DHCP server, click here" to produce a
table of current leased IPs and MAC addresses, and I believe Lease time remaining. 

Note: Reset/clear DHCP on a ZD by disabling and re-enabling the DHCP service.

From a ZD's CLI and enable mode, 'show dhcp all' will display the same table details.

AP's CLI has 'get ipaddr wan' to show IP address (static or dynamic), netmask, def-gw, but not lease remaining.

From my old Cisco days, I think some switch/routers used "show ip dhcp binding"...?

New Contributor
The AP is getting it's IP from a stand alone DHCP and not the ZD DHCP. We want to see the IP being leased to the AP. I believe through the ZD CLI we can access the remote AP using command remote_ap_cli -a ap_mac . However after accessing the AP we need to know the Command to view the DHCP leased to the AP. I have attached a screenshot taken of a CiSco device.. Image_ images_messages_5f91c42c135b77e24799f093_803a3c593b4714c5912933f5db73e9a7_RackMultipart20161027272913041-320f0cc3-46b8-43dc-83ff-62f79db4dca6-1547276029.jpg1477588998

Contributor III
rksap_cli -a  "get ipaddr wan"

Although you could just as easy log on to the controller and look up the MAC address via the monitor AP tab, and filter by its MAC to see the IP.