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Changed "Terms of Use" in Guest Network with no real change in behavior

New Contributor II
I have a client that was using a "Terms of Use" function on their guest network. Now that they have disabled, people still have to click "OK" to use the guest network. Do I need to reboot the ZD or APs to get this to change? or do we need to delete the Wi-Fi file on each PC and have them rejoin under then new settings?


Dan Image_ images_messages_5f91c3dd135b77e2478b9174_9f14bade8f87140d10a288afea6357c2_GuestScreen_inline-8f1e384e-4470-4101-b5b7-2e6b9b81cfe3-1070863657.png1390844548

New Contributor II
Your setup still requires that the user click "Okay" to log in. You need to edit the WLAN type from Guest Access to Standard Usage. What you're seeing is the Global Setup for guest access for all WLAN's setup for guest access.