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Cannot access internet on 2.4GHz band on R500

New Contributor II

We have a Ruckus R500 access point. For some reason we cannot access / connect to the internet using the 2.4GHz band. Nor can we access the setup / configuration menu of the device. Since we can't access the set-up, we can't revise user name or password or anything else. Suggestions?


New Contributor III

I'm going to assume 5ghz works , as you have not stated.

Also Assuming you can connect to the AP via a wired ethernet connection:

1) Logon to the AP using wired connection, Can you see clients connected under the Status Section under Radio 2.4G

2) Do you have the 2.4G SSID under a different access VLAN, if so check that you are being issued a DHCP address

3) Check your ethernet settinng oin the port your R500 is connected to. Can you see the wireless clients MAC's on your AP switch port table.

4) Is the right country code configured on the AP

5) Does your upstream switch have Port security enabled not allowing multple MAC addressing, and the switch has disabled the port.

These are a few suggestions.  Hopefully helpful

New Contributor II

I cannot see or access the Ruckus. It's tied to an Arris wireless router. When I enter the IP only Arris shows. Gotta love spectrum's failure to allow users to use the equipment as the users need.