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Can I use the POE out of the 7782 to provide power and data to another 7782?

New Contributor
I would like to mount one outdoor 7782 using the Ruckus POE injector and/or another high power POE+ switch or high power injector.  I would then deploy another 7782 and like to use the POE out of the first to power and provide data to the second. 

New Contributor II
I take it you mean powering another 7782 AP from the existing 7782 secondary port. Although useful your answer is no. Its designed to serve cameras or similar.
See specs:
  • 10/100/1000Base-T 802.3,802.3u, 802.3ab, 802.3at/af PoE PSE Output up to 25w
  • Standard 802.3af/at output for surveillance cameras or small cell backhaul
The POE requirements of the secondary AP would be @peak (40w) unfortunately limited to 25w if powered off primary AP.

New Contributor

Yes you can deploy another AP at the end of the first one. 

The catch is (in my deployment) you need to turn off the 2.4 radios.  This will pull the wattage down to an acceptable level. 

I used this several times at an event and actually connected 4 ap's with a second POE injector feeding an additional 2 ap's at mid point.

you have to use ruckus' 60 watt poe injector.