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Bandwidth tests with 7731 links

New Contributor III
Hi guys,

let me explain you this behavior with 7731 links. The scenario is a 3 kms link and I am performing zap for BW tests.

Test1: one zap from A to B, b_thrput=104.3mbps
Test2: two simultaneous zaps from A to B, b_thrput_zap1=103.2mbps and b_thrput_zap2=102.3mbps ... so, technically I'm having 205.5mbps ¿how is it explain?
Test3: one zap in one direction and the other one in the other direction, simultaneously. Well, this affects the first zap and I am getting around 75mbps per direction, in total, 150mbps what is also more than test one.

Any clue explaining this behavior?
Thanks in advanced.

New Contributor III
Ok, I have found out the answer. In case there is only one zap instance running on equipment, so it admins these two flows. Probably, if you send 10 zaps commands you will have the same results.