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Backup Bridge with spanning tree or trunk

New Contributor
a few years ago I installed a point-to-point bridge with two 7731 antennas, now the client asked me to create an additional bridge to be backed up to the existing one and we made it with two P300s. The client has configured the spanning tree protocol on the Catalyst switches to have the possibility to connect both bridges without creating loops on the network, but once the second radio link is connected, after a few minutes one of the two bridges goes down. How can I make a physical operation of the two bridges at the same time having one in backup to another without creating loops on the network?

Valued Contributor
It may help you below.

On Page 7 inZoneFlex P300 Release Notes for, try function as Disable Loop Detection.

Command is "set meshcfg loop_detect disable".

New Contributor III
Jeronimo is rignt. This is due to the detection of each other P300 over the LAN connection via ZF7731 link.

New Contributor
Thanks Geronimo, in fact disabling the loop detection on the P300 should start the spanning tree of the switch to manage the excessive broadcast generated by the double radio link. Do you know if I can use the same command on 7731 too? or by default is already disabled? or is it not even managed?