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Apple OSX devices getting no internet while connected to Ruckus APs

New Contributor II
We have an environment with 36 R510 APs spread among 12 floors with 2 ZD1200's on the back end. We notice on a daily basis that random set of Wifi users cannot browse the internet or get disconnected in the middle of a video call even though they have full bars for Wifi.  This is an issue because the building is 100% wireless. We have turned off DFS channels, and tweaked power levels accordingly to minimize overlap. It seems that only Apple users are effected. Are there any known issues with Ruckus and Apple devices?

We have and for those we discovered a new issue on Smartzone that was causing those clients to lose their IP and get a default IP.  Ruckus has confirmed that issue as a bug and supposedly fixed in Smartzone 5.2.  We are waiting for another 5.2.x release that is supposed to have that fix as well as dozens of others that are all impacting us.   We are located in SouthEast United States.

Nice talking to you, Kevin! Thank you for sharing your experience! It cleared out the view for us so much!

By the way, Kevin, we experience DHCP fail for those Macbooks as well. In addition EAP, association fail and 4 improper handshake. I can write more precise fail definition tomorrow.  Sounds that familiar to you?

We have not experienced any DHCP issues.

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WPA2-Enterprise. We have all of our Macs on boarded to our 802.1x network (EAP-TLS) using Cloudpath. We push out the settings for this using Jamf and it works great