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After v10 upgrade ap's go into infinite reboot

New Contributor II

after upgradeing our zd1200 to version 10 all our ap's which are located in an vlan with
enabled router advertisment and configured for ipv6 and ipv4 static goes into infinite reboot.

Log messages looks like:

2017/05/19  09:29:54Medium AP[ap-name] reset due to IP address change2017/05/19  09:29:53Medium AP[ap-name] joins with uptime [75] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : application reboot]

It looks like that even if you have configured a static ipv6 ip as gateway and configured ipv6 static
the ap get his gateway via router advertisment. This looks for the controller like the address configuration has changed.

Fast solution:
               configure ap manual
               use keep ap's settings in the ap profile

Nice solution please implement:

             If ipv6 is configured static ignore advertisments.....


New Contributor III

I saw the same issue as well with R510 APs when I upgraded.

My configuration is similar to yours with static IPv6 addresses for the ZoneDirector 1200 and Access Points.

Like you I found that setting the AP's IP configuration to manual worked to resolve the infinite loop.

The first time I deployed the update I didn't have time to diagnose the issue so ended up rolling back.

I fear that others will have this epxerience and get a negative view of the 10.0 release (which overall seems to be pretty good).

Kind Regards,