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After upgrading firmware 7363 won't save configuration settings

New Contributor
I've upgraded the firmware on a ZF 7363 following the process outlined in the user guide from a downloaded copy of the firmware and the upgrade seemed to apply fine and the system rebooted (from to However, when I go to configure anything (2.4g, 5g) the previous settings don't show and when I re-enter them it will not save the changes. The device status shows the new firmware version, however it won't save any configuration changes. I'm new to Ruckus, is there possibly something I'm missing in the process?

Valued Contributor II
First try a factory reset - Maintenance->Reboot/Reset and if that still doesn't work take it on up to 9.6.1 or 9.5.3 (APs don't need to have intermediate upgrades and you now have the Local option available). Sounds like it didn't quite flash correctly or worst-case it's a hardware failure.

New Contributor
I had exactly the same issue. I upgraded one of our 7363's to version and it will not allow you to view or edit any of the wireless or network setting. The 7363 previous to the upgrade had a static IP address and wireless networks configured and it appears to have remembered those settings but you cannot view or change them after the upgrade.

Valued Contributor
How about a browser restart, or a different browser?

New Contributor
The only thing that fixes this problem is a factory reset. A firmware update should not cause this kind of problem.