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After bad VLAN configuration I can not access ZF 7762.

New Contributor
After bad VLAn configuration I can not access ZF 7762 any more. I tried to return to factory default (shorten pin 3 &4)) but it didnt work. is not accessible.
Is there another way to return to factory default or to access AP?

Esteemed Contributor II
Try connecting PC directly to factory defaulted AP (not thru switch with VLANs assigned).  Then you may need to prep your AP before re-connecting it to the

If you made changes to the AP(s) switch port VLAN settings, Ruckus considers
VLAN 1 to be untagged, which would match/recognize a 'native' VLAN connected

If you changed your ZD's Configure/Access Points, Mgt VLAN from 1 to XX,
the ZD expects all AP to ZD packets to come into the ZD switchport with a
VLAN tag of XX.  Hopefully, VLAN XX extends from your APs to the ZD.

If you now need to set the AP's management VLAN to match your switch access
VLAN/PVID, you can connect directly and issue a configuration command.  Use
'super/sp-admin' to log into a factory defaulted AP.  View 'help set' to get a idea
of the available commands.  This is the one to change your AP to match a VLAN
you specified under the ZD/Configure APs, AP Policies, Mgt VLAN.

rkscli:  set mgmt-vlan XX

If you match this before reconnecting to the network, does that help it be seen
by your ZD?

New Contributor
I tried connecting PC directly o factory defaulted AP but I couldn't connect. I tired to get it to factory default (pin 3 & 4 short for 10 sec) but it didn't go to factory default.