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Activating a whitelist on a WLAN while Client Isolation is active cuts Internet connectivity for all.

New Contributor

Hi, working with a Ruckus model ZD3025, with Client Isolation active at all times, for all clients.
I have encountered problems after following the Ruckus guide on configuring and activating a white list on that particular WLAN.

Two clients have been added to the whitelist (MAC and IP) and that whitelist applied to the WLAN. The usual configuration we have active is "Isolate wireless client traffic from other clients on the same AP." on the Configure->WLAN page. The change for this configuration was to activate the option "Isolate wireless client traffic from all hosts on the same VLAN/subnet.", choosing the appropriate white list and applying. About 5-10 minutes later (I suppose the time for the controller to send the information to the APs), all clients had Internet connectivity problems.

Some clients had "this connection is abnormally long" from Windows prompt, and no IP address was received.

After changing the configuration back to what was on before, all connections were back.

This is the second time that activating or de-activating the Client Isolation feature has created Wi-Fi connectivity problems for our clients. I was wondering if I am missing steps that might not be included (or that I am not taking into account). Any feedback on this problem would be great.