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About Intel 8th Wifi connection problem

New Contributor


   Our ZD1200 version is " build 257" and R720 version is "" , now we have Lenovo T480 , T490 and T14 , the colleague who use T480 always complain the wifi signal are not stable , need to disconnect then connect again , but T490 and T14 colleagues not have this issue . 

   So what config in ZD or R720 should I modify to deal with this problem !!!!



I would check the drivers on those machines that are having issues.


About this Lenovo T480 , I use lenovo update wizard to update AC8265 drive version or Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to update , now AC8265 is used Intel .

And tommorow , I will check my colleague's T480 version .

It is most probably  problem of adapter drivers. I have seen it with HP and Lenovo laptops.

Just one more possibility -- If your network uses WPA2-Perosnal (shared password) than you have to disable 802.11r and 802.11k (fast roaming). As windows laptops support fast roaming only with WPA-Entreprise (with Radius authentication) and only if hardware and drivers support it too. Unsupporting fast roaming devices may have different issues with enabled fast roaming -- from disconnects to even inability to connect at all.