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APGroup, Zone, and WLAN Group Best Practices

New Contributor III
I am getting ready to deploy my first Ruckus system (SmartZone 100 and R720 AP's) to replace a Cisco system and was wondering what people are doing for Zones and AP groups etc.  I have multiple sites I will be deploying to with each site having multiple buildings.  The same SSID's will exist at each building and site to make things easier for staff that roam between locations.  I was thinking a Zone for each site with AP groups for each building under that?

New Contributor III
Hey John,
There was a limitation prior to 5.0 in which the WLAN had to exist in the zone in order for the template to overwrite it. So creating new zones from scratch was recommended using the zone template. Not exactly user-friendly. So in 5.0 we enhanced it to be able to create the WLAN new (from scratch) if it didn't exist yet. 

Also, take note that the WLAN template is firmware-specific since the WLAN objects and integration may change from release to release.