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AP (mesh mode) disconnected from the controller

New Contributor II
Good morning, dear ones.I have a query on a problem with an AP in MESH

My computer was working fine, but from one moment to the other it was disconnected from the controller.

What I did at that moment was to disconnect it from power to the AP in mesh mode, and connect it to the SW that is connected the controller, and that I appear connected in the controller but no longer in mesh mode.

Then I connected it again (only power) in mesh mode. And raised the service with connectivity to the controller ..

The problem is that I repeat the times that this happens to me.

Could they help me with a definitive solution for this team, or what else could be going on?

Thanks in advance

Esteemed Contributor II
For definitive solution, please provide ZD or SZ logs and your Mesh AP's MAC address to Tech Support.

Only the Logs can show what occured to APs or clients on the APs.