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AP ethernet port vlan assignment

New Contributor
Hello I have a 7363 AP and what I would like to do is assign a vlan ID for the ethernet port to the vlan of the network that clients use instead of the management vlan of the AP's. Is this possible if they are connected to a zone director? Basically I have a device I need to connect hard wired and act as a client but I cannot assign the vlan ID on the client itself.  I cannot find any setting for the ethernet port since its connected to the zonedirector, any ideas?

Contributor II
In the ZD you can go under configuration, AP and overwrite the ZD settings for the AP.  However, be careful not to change the PoE port or uplink where the AP connect to your network. 

Assign the VLAN you want to the port on the AP you want to connect the client and make it an access VLAN.  Make sure that the switch port where the AP is connected to is setup as trunk with the native VLAN being the management VLAN of your AP and under allowed, ensure you pass both, the native/management VLAN and the VLAN you setup for your client on whichever port you picked.

That should do it.

New Contributor
Ah I got it, I had to hit override group config to see all the ethernet port settings come up. Now it makes sense, thanks!