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7731 bridge webserver stopping and starting in log file

New Contributor III
Is anyone else seeing the webserver stopping and starting a lot on their 7731 radios? It's very frustrating because I have to re-authenticate in the webGUI each time. Software

12 ISC-RU7-PAR-SOU daemon.notice rsmd[17]: webserver ....... [stopped] (0.034)
Sep 2 00:41:13 ISC-RU7-PAR-SOU daemon.notice rsmd[17]: webserver ....... [started] (0.401)
Sep 2 00:45:12 ISC-RU7-PAR-SOU daemon.notice rsmd[17]: webserver ....... [stopped] (0.038)
Sep 2 00:45:13 ISC-RU7-PAR-SOU daemon.notice rsmd[17]: webserver ....... [started] (0.470)

Valued Contributor II
This sounds like the daemon is crashing for some reason. Best course of action is to open a support case.

Yes, exact same issue. I opened a case with Ruckus, they had me re-install, but the issue continued. RMA issued for both devices (root & non-root). Seems very odd to me that the issue occurs with both of them.

I hope to get the replacements up this week.

I'd be curious to hear how your issue was resolved.


New Contributor III
I never bothered to open a case as it's happening on probably 80% of our gear. It does't effect the operation of the radios and an RMA of all our radios would not be financially viable. I never noticed it happening on 9.0 firmwares.

We just get good at remembering the passwords to the radios 🙂

Valued Contributor II
You might be seeing this issue (ER-588) which is addressed in the just-released release.